We invoke God’s mercy on the Ukrainian people

13 march 2023

The war in Ukraine continues to crush a people suffering the bloodshed of an absurd fratricidal war. To this are added acts, progressively more explicit, intended to humiliate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the guidance of Metropolitan Onufrij, because it is considered to be too close to the Russian Orthodox Church, hence in collusion with the enemy — an accusation that is gratuitous and unjustified.

A few days ago another dramatic piece of news came out: by March 29 the monks of the famous Lavra of Kyiv will be expelled from this ancient and venerable monastic site, as well as the seat of a prestigious theological academy, if they do not submit to the other Ukrainian ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

We have received this news with profound sorrow. In fact, we have long-standing ties of friendship with the Lavra of Kyiv, in addition to the presence in our community of our sister Sophia, who belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

We invoke God’s mercy on the Ukrainian people, on the Christians in that land, and in particular on the monks of the Lavra. We invite our friends and guests likewise to pray that this this horrible tribulation may soon cease and peace may soon return.