Be crucified, but not a crucifier

The tapestries of Bose, copy from the original painting by GEORGE ROUAULT
ECCE HOMO, face of the Suffering Servant

Message to young people
Be oppressed, but not an oppressor; be crucified, but not a crucifier; be outraged, but not an outrager; be defamed, but not a defamer

Be oppressed, but not an oppressor

Be crucified, but not a crucifier
Be outraged, but not an outrager
Be defamed, but not a defamer.

As a fount rich of water cannot be stopped
by a handfull of dust,
so the Creator’s pity can not be beaten
by the evil of creatures.

Like a handfull of sand
that falls in the wide ocean,
such are the sins of each flesh
in comparison with God’s Light.

Isaac the Syrian (7th century)

In this Holy Week may the Lord grant us a deep communion with Him,
so that we may be ready to die in our sins and to rise in a new life with Christ!

The brothers and sisters of Bose