Research Project and Scientific Committee


XIII International Liturgical Conference
Art, Space, Liturgy

Bose, 4-6 June 2015
Organized by the Monastery of Bose
in collaboration with
National Office for the Church Cultural Heritage of the Italian Bishops' Conference
Italian National Council of Architects


The annual appointment organized by the Monastery of Bose and the National Office for Church Cultural Heritage of the Italian Bishops’ Conference is addressed to architects, artists, theologians, liturgists, and all who work in the field of art and culture. The scientific committee that met in Bose for a work session on 11–12 October has chosen the theme and established the program for the thirteenth conference, to be held in Bose on 4–6 June 2015. The conference will treat the theme of light in liturgical space. Liturgical architecture is constructed with light to celebrate with light. In liturgical space light has the value of a symbol, it carries out essential functions, and is constituted as matter. With regard to buildings of worship architects and artists have the double task to imagine light and to draw up a project of light.

Taking part will be architects, theologians, historians of art and architecture, coming from various European countries.

Scientific committee

Enzo Bianchi (Bose), Stefano Russo (Roma), Emanuele Borsotti (Bose), Goffredo Boselli (Bose), François Cassingena-Trévedy (Paris), Albert Gerhards (Bonn), Angelo Lameri (Roma), Andrea Longhi (Torino), Keith Pecklers (New York - Roma).