The icons of Bose

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Bose, June 2006
icon painting

The icon laboratory of the monastery of Bose started its activity about twenty years ago. Nowadays a small group of brothers and sisters of the community share with many monks of the Christian East this ancient art of icon painting.

The Byzantine iconographic tradition was the starting point of our activity thanks to our friendship with Greek monks and nuns, who passed on to us the wisdom of their art. The Greek icon painter Emanuele Panselinos is the main reference for our models in the Byzantine style.

Since the '90s we turned our attention to the Italian painting tradition. Italian painters of the thirteenth and fourtheenth centuries, such as Duccio di Boninsegna and Berlinghieri, are the main reference for our models in the Italic style.

The Russian tradition, and particularly the two great Russian icon painters Dionisij and A. Rublëv, is a source of inspiration for our models and technique.

In recent years we have widened our artistic horizons to include also the Coptic tradition and the Ethiopian tradition.

Bose, June 2006
Bose, June 2006
the icon exhibition room

Since June 2005 an exhibition room with a collection of our liturgical icons is open to the public (for visiting hours contact the monastery).

At the moment one picture for each iconographic style, some photographs of the exhibition room, and a full list of all the subjects (with available size) are published on this website.

A comprehensive photographic catalogue is available in the hall next to the reception room of the monastery.

To order icons and to ask for an estimate contact our laboratory.


Some of the icons are on display in the hall next to the reception room of the monastery.

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